is much more of a wish than a reality in most developing countries. WfM helps people at the local level to change this through clearly defined and transparent projects. Clean water can do far more than satisfy daily thirst.

01A necessity for sustaining life

Sustainable access to clean water for all is a basic human right. If this basic need is not met even for a short time the lives of those affected are threatened. This is why WfM works in areas with water shortages in order to help create long term secure access to water in these regions. Instead of looking for short-term solutions, WfM concentrates on solving long-term problems and creating water security.

02Social Development

Any form of social and economic development is dependent on clean water. This is why it is necessary that clean water is constantly, easily, and cheaply accessible to all. Clean water is therefore not something that should be used to generate profit. Providing and securing access to water is a task for the global community. WfM is a non-profit organization dedicated towards finding solutions to these problems.

long term solutions

water made available at low cost to all

water supplies independently and sustainably managed

sustainable protective health care


Overuse and pollution of water resources, climate change, periods of drought and military conflicts are acerbating already existing problems of water accessibility in many regions where water was always scarce. Wars involving access to water exist on local and regional levels. The reasons for water shortages are manifold and differ from region to region. WfM therefore wants local populations to manage their water supplies independently.

04Health, Work, and Location

Clean water is a necessity for good health. In addition easily learned methods to secure local water resources create safe water, work, income and the ability of rural people to remain in their regions. WfM therefore combines decentralized water development techniques with education, skilled crafts, and health care. WfM defines sustainability as needing to go beyond just making water available.