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Wasser für Menschen e.V.

Johanna Stumpner


Elisabeth Burkert


Christian Wilhelm


Alexander Martin


Stefan Schildbach


About us

WfM is an international organization of water specialists that began in 2002. It is dedicated to the proposition that all human beings have the right to clean water, and that this right is especially important in the case of developing countries, where it’s often nonexistent. The core of our work is the sustainable use of water, professional training, and the creation of local economic opportunities.

The executive, the number of ordinary members, and the project teams were kept deliberately small in order to avoid investing time and resources into the administration of the organization.  Our independence from ideological and political causes is also maintained through our reliance for most of our resources through donations from individuals.

Our success is the result of direct cooperation with local partners and the creation of projects which become self-sustaining. WfM works worldwide in various networks with NGO’s, various ministries, universities, external experts, and supporters.  At the same time, WfM connects different networks in order to bring about other successful projects without direct WfM involvement.

WfM projects are sustainable and have positive multiple effects towards clean water, the environment, knowledge production, education, and local community building. We work towards creating long term self-help and sustainability in our projects rather than providing emergency aid or working in war torn regions.

We see ourselves as a platform for several different projects that are jointly carried out with various teams and partners. The prerequisite for our work is that we have professionally qualified teams and reliable local partners who will work with us to lead, provide quality control, and ensure the success of the projects.