A home for the Moru Clinic

Why we are building

Rarely do you meet people who do so much for others and so little for themselves. Caroline Nabaasa is one of those people.

The little money she earns with her treatments and in the small pharmacy of the Moru Clinic flows directly back to her clinic. A little bit is cut off here and there for the education of the children. But Carol herself lived very modestly in a small hut that she rented from her neighbor.

Her house gave the word Spartan a whole new meaning. It had four walls and a roof. That’s where the amenities stopped. The three small rooms hardly fit a bed. They were separated by curtains for a little bit of privacy. Carol had no real storage space for her things. She wouldn’t need it anyway, because everything she owns fits into a tiny shelf and a few bags.

Carol does not have a real bath either. The toilet is located outside her house, a few steps up the slope and consists of four walls, a hole in the floor and an underlying tank. No rinse. No sink. To wash her hands, she has a small canister with a tap and a dish underneath. There’s a simple camping shower, which is filled as needed with water from the Moru Clinic’s cistern.

That is changing now

We collect donations to allow Carol to own a home on her own property. Enough space for her children and the rest of the Moru Clinic’s staff is also planned. This will make Moru Clinic and Carol more attractive to all those who would otherwise not want to work in the countryside as there are few accommodation options.

We would like to thank all the donors who have already helped Carol to not only start the construction, but to move it along this far. Now that the roof is covered, the interior will follow next. Help us to help Carol and realize her dream.

Carol's home before

Construction right now

A tour


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