About the person behind the Moru Clinic

Carol is 32 years old, the mother of three children, and divorced.

She is a fully trained nurse and in 2013 at the young age of 27 founded the Moru Clinic in the Isingiro District.

Since it was founded this little clinic has grown significantly. At present the clinic has a dispensary, a waiting room and large treatment room with an examination table and an ultrasonic scanner. There is also a kitchen in another building and three other small rooms in which patients can stay overnight or for further treatment.

If you ask Carol what her vision for Moru Clinic is you quickly receive the answer that she hopes that Moru Clinic will eventually be able to provide medical services to all of Isingiro district. She especially hopes to realize for the clinic its own well- stocked treatment station for children and pregnant women so that they will no longer have to go all the way to Mbarara to receive good medical treatment.

She wants to offer these medical services for a price that makes it affordable for the people in the region.

Her wish is that people will say:
„If you need help, go to Moru clinic“.

Carol lost both of her parents at an early age by AIDS. Experiencing her mother’s death left a large impression on her. When she speaks of this today, she says that this is the main reason for founding the Moru Clinic. She wants to be in a position to help, and not watch helplessly as people suffer and die.

Her uncle, who also had children of his own, took her and her sister into his home after her parent’s death.  He took her for HIV testing, and fortunately for her, she tested negatively for the virus. Carol was married relatively late (18) for a woman in Uganda. She had three children with her ex-husband:  Melissa, Miranda, and Katungi.

Carol’s oldest daughter’s name is Melissa. Melissa is 13 and in a boarding school  that is located between Isingiro and Mbarara, so that Carol only sees her every few weeks. Melissa is already interested in studying medicine, which makes Carol very happy.

Her second oldest daughter’s name is Miranda. She is 10 and commutes daily by bus and motorcycle to her school. Transportation by motorcycle is the cheapest way to travel but also the most dangerous.

Katungi is Carol’s only son and is three years old. He is looked after by a maid while Carol works until such time as Carol has the financial means to send him to a preschool.